Saturday, January 26, 2008

Sick in January

Happy New Year! Okay, so thats a little bit late. I haven't been posting because between the trip, work starting back, and school starting up, I've been hella busy. Now, I have a hellacious respiratory infection. :(

I spent the last few days of 2007 and the first week of 2008 in Atlanta, visiting family and friends. Tadhg had to come home New Year's Day because of work, and he had a hell of a time getting back. Flight delays, gate changes, terminal changes, cancellations, rebookings with a reroute to a city that had two flights worth of people trying to get onto one plane, lost luggage.. we dropped him off at the airport around 7:30-8am, and he ended up renting a car out of Cincinnatti and got home about 10pm. I also had delays getting back. Neither of us are terribly thrilled with Delta.

There was some chaos, but all in all a good trip. Tadhg's schedule isn't conducive to a lot of travel, but we were able to visit my mom's parents and her grandmother. We had a good time. :) My great-grandmother can't really travel anymore, so we make a particular effort when he's down to get up there and see her. Finn had a blast playing videogames with Tadhg, as well as playing with Kerowyn. They had a slumber party at New Year's. :)

I think one of the highlights of the trip was going to see Twelfth Night at the Shakespeare Tavern with Brekke. :) We hit the first preview showing and it was awesome. I've mostly read Shakespeare's tragedies before and had little idea of just how funny he can be. The actors were excellent, the food was good. I strongly recommend that if you're in the Atlanta area and have a chance to, go see it. I believe it runs through February 3rd. Be warned, if your cell phone goes off you WILL be mocked. "How now? A bird? However did one get in here?"

Since, obviously work started back up. Most of my students are making very good gains. :)

Classes.. holy crap, three history type courses make for a lot of work. I wish the other people in my Native American/European Encounters course would do their readings and step up, but we'll see how it goes. I've been worried about my dance class, but the professor is working with me and understands that I have lower limits than the other students.

Unfortunately, I've been dragging a bit the last week or so, and am now exhausted and constantly choking and coughing. Whee, infection! I'm resting up this weekend.