Thursday, November 08, 2007


The holiday season is coming up fast. We had beautiful weather the last few weeks, but it's gotten much colder. We're starting to get some of those solid gray days. We had our first snow flurries of the season on Tuesday. The didn't stick to anything and were generally of the size that people who grew up here don't even acknowledge, but it still counts. ^_^

The house has gotten a bit chaotic. I'm working on getting it cleaned up so I can really do holiday decorations this year. Part of the cleaning is going through stuff that didn't get unpacked. T_T Like most of my sweaters. I really need those now!

Work is going great. :) If you missed it, I'm now tutoring elementary school students (K-4) in reading (and writing, spelling, etc.) It would be nice if the job had a few more hours, but I really like it. We primarily use the Wilson Reading Program. I see most of my students by grade level for just shy of an hour, three days a week. Kindergarten is split into morning and afternoon; they get half an hour each. We work in small groups, and it's awesome to see the kids make gains.

I hope to start college classes again in January. I'm still waiting on some pending paperwork. Oh, the joys of chasing that stuff down. I'm still debating between an English major and History major, but I'm starting to lean toward the latter.

I've been getting around alright, but the weather shift brings the problems that it usually does. I see my rheumatologist next week and am going to ask her to shift my medicines some. She'd lowered one of them, and that's just not working. I have had to use the cane a little bit around the house this week, but for the most part don't need to. I alternate between using my cane and the wheelchair when I'm out doing things. The kids at school think my lightup wheels are neat. :)

Speaking of all the stuff around the house, I'd best get to it!

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