Tuesday, December 25, 2007


Merry Christmas folks!

It's been crazy lately, and yes yes, I know, the holidays do that. :p I didn't really update much besides school and well wishes in the last post, so here's a bit more festivity chatter.

At work, we did a cookie swap: my pizzelles were very well received, and I came home with an assortment of goodies. The last week of school was extra crazy, because we were trying to get the midyear assessments done on the K-1 students we see. It went well though, we got it done, and I'm really excited about the gains some of these kids have made! It's really encouraging.

My MiL threw a holiday party on Friday, and I took the opportunity to dress up a bit. :) My dear hubby noticed and complimented me (he'd gone over earlier to help set up) which was squee, cause that's always nice to hear. ^_^ I brought homemade eggnog with bourbon in it, which was very well received and highly complimented. It was fun. It was also windy as all get out. o_O Kept tryin to blow me off route, but obviously I got home fine.

Last night, we swapped a single gift on Christmas Eve. I decided to invoke the tradition because I was feeling a bit all over the map, being frustrated at not having the house done and some other things, and I wanted to see him open his surprise. :p He didn't think there was anything else; he'd picked out things that were on sale at Black Friday for his Christmas gifts. I picked up a James Bond gameboy game that can be played on the DS though, and he was surprised, which is yay! (My husband is hard to shop for when you want to both surprise him AND get him something he wants.) He gave me Lego Star Wars: Saga Edition for the Wii! YAAAAAAAAAAAAY! I have better luck with some of the wii games because it's not as bad on my hands as some other video game controllers, and I've been wanting Lego SW. Snoopydance time!

I've spent the last couple of weeks working on gifts and wrapping stuff and whatnot. I was 909% done two weeks ago, but I still have a few gifts for people I'm seeing next week that I'm not done with yet. >_> They'll be done though! ^_^ This morning, Tadhg gave me the Stardust dvd, and he got the games he'd picked out and the Pokemon toy set I got for him. (It HAD been a surprise, but I was a dork and he found out about it way early.) His parents gave me an amazon certificate, a little jewelry set, and a hot cocoa frother thing.

I have sooooo much to do today and tomorrow. Cleaning and packing.. at least I've started. :p Thursday we get into Atlanta, I'm not sure what's up Friday.. I'd like to see my sibs. Saturday we are going to visit my grandparents and my great grandmother and then nab my best friend on the way back to my folks' place for a little mini party. After that, who knows?

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